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Well Engineering & Drilling Project Management

The mission of ( ROFS ) Well Engineering & Drilling Project Management is simply "to deliver fit for purpose products, safely, cost effectively, on-time and within the allocated budget."

In the conduct of business, ( ROFS ) Well Engineering & Drilling Project Management will tailor well construction project management services to suit the client’s needs. ( ROFS ) Well Engineering & Drilling Project Management will prepare the project execution plan, or preliminary development plan in consultation with operator and in line with operator development strategy. Should the work scope warrant full time management, ( ROFS ) Well Engineering & Drilling Project Management will appoint a dedicated Project Manager.

( ROFS ) Well Engineering & Drilling Project Management have developed a proven well delivery process to ensure that well operations are planned accurately and in detail, to consistently produce maximum value.

Project Management is governed by a doctrine of empowerment with full responsibility, reflecting the same policy applied by the most successful operators.

 ( ROFS ) Well Engineering & Drilling Project Management business units are divided conventionally into Drilling, Logistics, Procurement and HSEQ, together with the necessary supporting functions such as Transportation and Civil Engineering.

Project management and individual business activities are all governed and implemented by an integrated and qualified team, that has the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to cover the broad range of capabilities that may be necessary to meet the client’s requirement for a specific project.

Project Management Objectives

  • Maintain a systematic approach to HSE management that is designed to ensure both compliance with the law, and achieve continuous performance improvement.
  • Set targets for performance improvement, measuring, appraising and implementing feedback
  • Require and ensure that all sub-contractors manage project HSE in line with ( ROFS ) policy.
  • Ensure that each business unit acknowledges the right and exercises the duty to intervene immediately if any unsafe acts or condition arises, or when activities would not be in compliance with the approved project management policies.

Project Management Role and Responsibility

  • Identify the terms of reference and scope of work.
  • Select and engage the right staff to handle the project.
  • Follow and adhere to the work flow process (well delivery process) while identifying the risks associated with the project.
  • Ensure early involvement of operations staff and contractors in the planning stage.
  • Perform full analysis of offset data, and make use of all lessons learnt from nearby wells.